Author: Mike Balog

Juvenile Tarpon

Fly fishing the Everglades for baby tarpon can be a blast and very productive in the cooler months when the big ones are not showing. Gurglers and sub surface flies are very productive! Canoes are very productive as well taking it into the backcountry and getting into some real shallow spots some never reach for Read More

Everglades December Fly Fishing

December has been unseasonably warm which has these monster snook confused and just seem to be everywhere we look and big boys too! Have had some great moon tides that have turned our water gin clear, with small cold front approaching the water will be highly visible for low water wade fishing or higher tide Read More

Red October

Red October is the name of the game this month! Fly fishing in Naples in October for Redfish is as good as it gets. I love when the larger groups of Reds break up to tail on the low-in coming tides, it is stalking fish at its finest. A stealthy presentation is key, be it Read More