Back in Florida 01/23/21

It’s always a sad day when I leave the Louisiana Marsh! It was a great last trip with regular clients Jim and Dennis putting some big numbers up for the last 4 days sight casting bull redfish and black drum with jigs on light tackle bait casting gear. Such a productive way to fish and still a challenge. I feel so lucky to be a Louisiana Fly fishing guide while the marsh still sees so very little pressure. I believe we will look back on these days like old FL guides look back on the 70’s and 80’s in the Keys. This is a special place that is so very popular as on of the best domestic fly fisheries in the US. I book up here quicker than anywhere else- I am taking bookings for the 2021-2022 season (Sept-Feb) This place deserves any trip clients have to put together- to sight cast 20-30lb fish in the middle of the winter makes this place second to none! What other fishery is targeting that kind of weight during the middle of the winter? These fish also happen on a regular basis with landing over 10 of these giants on good weather days. When the weather is bad (which it is in the winter) we can switch gears and go to spin gear and have a super successful day a lot of the time. I cannot do this in FL any longer. Tarpon are such a special fish but year after year I turn more into a redfish guy. Please let me know if you are looking for a Redfish fly fishing guide for next season and I would love to get you on the books! See you in Florida for the great Tarpon migration!