Bayou Giants! 12/18/21

Greeting from the Bayou! Weather has been good here but getting that warm Florida air- these giant bayou fish like some chillier temperatures but it looks like some much needed cooler weather is on the way. I have a full Calendar booked but just sent out a newsletter for Louisina 2022-2023 bookings that I am filling up and would like to get people on the books sooner than later of course. I still have some Bug Pine key dates late June/Early July. If you are looking for a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I am referring them to a couple good guide buddies in the meantime. These giant black drum come out as “day savers” we were dealing with some clouds, high winds and high water m- the trifecta lol. The guys seem to tail good on the high water and clouds and will gladly take any fly out in front of them. I love these fish and doing some research they are the only fish that eat whole oysters! Not big oyster but they crunch the small ones down. A lot of fish can be found around oysters as shrimp and crabs live around the beds but pretty cool that giant fish eats some real oysters hahaha. He is awesome and here a great client Josh is pictured with a big one- around 35lbs. Super cool “bi-catch” to get in the Louisiana marsh and part of our grand slam (redfish, black drum, sheepshead) on fly. Very doable here in Louisina. Have fun and see ya soon!