Big Dummy 01/22/22

Big Nasty saves some days! He is such a nice fish- like he actually enjoys playing the game. Giant black drum are a different create without a care in the world! They get to be giants like the 40 banger (40 lbs) one of my regular clients Wes caught failing in a foot of water. So cool as he is a bit tuffer to Fred than his cousin Mr Redfish and doesn’t run as fast but in 1 foot of water weighing in 40 plus pounds and eating flies- he is tuff to deny a cast to! They get a bad rap as they are not good to eat and for a lack of better term a little dumb lol. That’s fun! We fish so many snobby smart fish that it’s fun to change it up especially in the middle of winter when there a very few places we can target that big of fish on the fly and sight casting. Let me know if you want to get on the books for this awesome fishery next season as I am filling up. If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide let me know and I can hook you up with a buddy or a Naples fly fishing guide I have been setting anglers up in some cool Everglades days with guides that have some openings.
Have fun!!