Bookings 2021 08/19/21

I am on my way to the Louisiana Marsh with a handful of dates available. My family and I are so blessed that we remain busy through these times. Fly fishing for Redfish/Tarpon in these remote locations is a great way to get away from it all and get outdoors of course! Our style of push poling and sight casting with one or timeouts anglers has proven to be a growing sport and through all these times have become busier and busier each month. I have booked up my Louisiana and Keys calendar quicker than ever before. I have some dates still available in Louisiana and some good dates in March in the Everglades as well a couple June days in the FL Keys. Below is my openings and probably the least amount I have ever had. I will be sending out an email blast to my client list to book the remaining days. I still have Naples dates but only in March but if you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide I have a couple guides that I refer clients to. If you are looking for a Louisiana fly fishing guide I can give you some availability still or get someone else to reach out. I thank all of the clients that continue to support this beautiful sport of ours while we raise our children with the support of our clients to do what we love everyday. Below are the available dates for Louisiana.
September 20-24September 27-30November 1-2December 21-23January 17-21January 24-28