Chittum Skiffs 02/23/20

The skiff of the future is now in my possession! Chittum Skiffs has built me a state of the art 100% Carbon Fiber skiff. This will do things other skiffs will not like cut through big waves while still poling in inches of water. The ride in this boat is apparent from the begining- carbon fiber has some more “give” to it and you can feel it as an angler. I have a Chittum trademarked Spider cage that allows fly anglers to fish 360 degrees all the while taking care of line management. This cage keeps anglers fresh and comfortable all day having something to lean on or sit on is a real game-changer. This boat is a tarpon machine- built to pole silently to schools of tarpon or laid up fish deep in the everglades with little water displacement. I am so excited and honored to guide out of this one of a kind skiff. If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide come check out this Chittum Snake Bight 18