Clear water sight casting 01/22/20

The January fishing has been the best  I’ve ever seen it with big bulls swimming high in the marsh. When the weather windows are there it’s is simply the best fishing of the season. The water is gin clear and you can see them coming and the big black drums have been tailing up shallow in the afternoons. I am passionate about this fishery and really believe it should be on every anglers radar. Sometimes the weather is not the greatest when the fronts roll in but today is was blowing 25 and with dirty water we switched it up and threw some plugs on the spinning gear- we had a blast putting over 150lbs of reds on the deck in a few hours with no other anglers anywhere around. That to me is a diverse fishery that deserves a trip annually from anglers. I am opening up booking for the Louisiana marsh when I leave in February. I  hope to hear from you if you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide.Have fun!