Clear Water Snook 01/22/19

The winter time is in full swing with super clear and shallow water. The sight-casting for snook and small tarpon has been very steady-some really good snook this past week. Fly fishing in the Everglades this time of year has some of the cleanest water of the year and the shallow water makes them easy to spot in their winter time hiding spots! I just love this time of year- Usually waiting until 8 or 9am to let the fish warm up a bit and by mid-day the tide is moving and they are fired up to eat any fly or plug swimming around them. Unlike the warmer months these fish are tucked back in some very hidden areas and it is an adventure in itself just getting back in the jungle of the everglades. Im looking at the weather and looks like we have one more cold-front and then will switch gears to some bigger water towards the gulf of mexico. If you are looking for a Everglades fly fishing guide this is the time to book for the spring months as I still have some good May/June dates available.

There is only one Everglades!