Cold Fronts 01/20/24

Cold fronts are sweeping across the US and Louisiana is no exception! It’s been brutally cold and honestly some tuff days mixed in there during the front. This is part of Disneyland aka Louisiana. We definitely deal with some weather but I think it’s worth it- in fact I know it worth it. When you can hold the biggest redfish on the planet in the middle of the wi yet and target 30lb fish on fly with such great consistency I would say it’s worth it! There’s not a lot of places with all the travel fly fishing going on that you can sight fish a big fish like this in the middle of the winter. The fish above I got as a group trip had cancelled due to weather the day before and then this day popped up and me and some guide friends went out and landed a 1/2 dozen that looked like this lol. It just shows if you don’t know if you don’t go! Let me know if you want any time in the marsh in Jan/Feb 2025 the rest of my calendar is filled.
I look forward to fishing with you all!
If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide or an Everglades fly fishing guide lemme know!