End of May 05/31/22

Weather has been steady- some windy days to be expected but for the most part we are blessed with some good weather to finish off May! We had a great worm hatch and now these fish are looking for the worm good- with multiple bites and hookups with the right presentation is so special. The backcountry has been fishing well when the tide is up with some Juvi Tarpon and even fly fished some sharks when the weather was blown out and had a blast as a day saver. Sharks on fly are super fun and taught a couple of my guys how to really pull on fish correctly- it’s some great practice and not on a tarpon that means so much! I am booked up through the rest of the season but my calender is almost full for next season so if anyone wants to experience some great lower keys fishing let me know!  I also have a few guide colleagues guiding the Everglades year round so if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide let me know or a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I can introduce you to some great guides!

Have fun out there!