Everglades fly fishing guide 04/6/22

Those glasses out Everglades mornings are tuff to beat in the spring- even coming from a guy that is watching giant redfish come out of their skin to eat anything that moves lol. There is something about tarpon fishing- honestly I would rather fish for bull redfish all season but when you get into the tarpon grounds you know it’s the super bowl of fly fishing. These fish are not easy and when you do get some bites sometimes it’s followed by a quick jump and spit with the fly coming back at you! Now in the Everglades they seem to stay buttoned a little better as we are using some bigger hooks and the bites are sure more aggressive than those keys fish. These fish never miss when they decide to eat…when. The thing that got me head over heels for actual fly fishing in saltwater is like many…tarpon and they will always be held in the highest regard in the game- there is absolutely nothing like the bite from a shallow water tarpon. It happens quite often in the middle of the Everglades as well- it’s just getting to the middle of the Everglades that’s the tuff off part lol. It takes a big commitment from the guides and clients alike and that’s why it will stay good for a long time. If you are looking for a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide give me a call or a Naples Fly Fishing Guide I can hook you up!
Have fun.