Everglades magic 10/26/21

I’m still thinking about the special times I got to spend with some returning clients and a couple news ones a few weeks back in the Everglades. They were staying in Naples looking for a Naples fly fishing guide and called me up- I had an opening and said there may be a few tarpon around. The days prior had been good way down south with some southbound tarpon so we headed that way in the morning early. These guys had never booked a giant tarpon but I knew they were good anglers and would get it done if they were around. We got to the spot early and saw a few fish milling around- will hooked up on the fly immediately and fought and landed one over 100lbs. We got some great photos of him and released him. Then after will Dad hooked one and lost him. We headed down the coast to a couple other rollers we saw and hooked up on a third fish! When we released him I looked up and saw something I will never forget- hundreds of southbound adult tarpon, I’ve seen a lot of south-bounders in the Everglades but never like this, they were schooled in the tide and everywhere- it was truly a sight that I do not know if I will ever see again. We stayed and hooked and landed so many I lost count honestly. Will a film maker put the rod down for sometime to just document what we were seeing- truly amazing. The Everglades is such a special place and never a given that you are going to catch fish but the more time you spend there you realize it is forever changing and you can see some real magic and some of the best fishing in the world. I book up heavily as customer service is a top priority of mine and I have a lot of repeat business but if you are ever looking for a Naples Fly Fishing guide or Everglades fly fishing guide give me a call and would love to get you on the books and if I cannot accommodate your dates I can hook you up with some great guides that will take care of you.I look forward to it!