Everglades 03/7/20

Things are heating up here in the jungle! Coming offOf a decent cold snap these fish are fired up and feel like it’s the official start of the season- tarpon time! These fish are starting to show up everywhere they should be. We have been targeting everything the last couple days. It’s nice to shake things up and keep it fun. I had a Couple guys that just wanted to have a good time and pull on something big. Usually that is tarpon but with high winds that wasn’t an option. We talked about bringing some shark rigs and just spending some time really targeting those and having sounded fun. The Everglades has some hot sharks! Not too big but still great fights and super visual when they are looking for baits! We caught a bunch of nice black tips and caught a Goliath grouper in the process haha. Anyway I customize the trip to the client and when conditions call for it we do whatever it takes to bend the rod. A day that might of been tuff targeting just tarpon turned into a day filled with laughs and tired arms. There is always something to do in the glades!