Fishing Reports

Tarpon Time!

Headed back for some much needed Tarpon time! I will be back in the Everglades for a month or so guiding and then down to Big Pine Key guiding Tarpon until July. As much as I never want to leave this unpressured fishery of Louisiana I like to get back into some of that gin Read More

Naples Fly Fishing

Tarpon season is upon us! While I stretch out every last day in Louisina I sure will miss having this place all to myself-It’s like Disneyland for fisherman! I am excited to see my first tarpon of the season- tarpon are the fish that changed my life a lifetime ago- the tarpon will be forever Read More

Julia’s Giant!

As we were poling down a flat in search of Julias first big Louisina redfish I knew she was a good angler that was going to get one if the opportunity presented itself. We missed a couple before due to bad situations or just not seeing them in time. We had landed a couple big Read More

Marsh Magic

Magical days in the marsh. I have been having some great weather the past couple weeks and so blessed to have great anglers on the bow. I would not want to be any place else in the world on days like these- these fish come out hungry when they have had cold or foul weather Read More

Late season report

Cold water fishing! Love it so much when they just float there and don’t want to do anything. They cannot deny a well placed slow moving crab though. It’s that time of year here in Louisina that the water temps are crazy low in the 40’s and 50’s with giants laying around doing nothing in Read More

Big Dummy

Big Nasty saves some days! He is such a nice fish- like he actually enjoys playing the game. Giant black drum are a different create without a care in the world! They get to be giants like the 40 banger (40 lbs) one of my regular clients Wes caught failing in a foot of water. Read More

Rain or Shine

Rain or shine the fellas getting it done in the clouds and rain. Sometimes you just don’t know here in the marsh and sometimes we opt to spin fish when things turn really bad but on a day like today I did t think we had much chance at seeing them with thick clouds and Read More

Winter wonderland

Finally it’s winter! Some guides from FL don’t enjoying fishing in the cold but I sure do! The Redfish are happy now we are in winter time with water temps in the 50’s/60’s that really is what they are looking for- too warm of temperatures send them into the deep water of the bayous. When Read More

Louisiana Jan

Has been up and down weather but good January and some colder water temperature are here to stay! The number of fish in here is staggering and Dave came in last week plug fishing for these giants and had a ball. I plug fish Florida some days and does not hold a candle to these Read More

Cold Front

Fishing has been on fire with the first real cold front dropping that water down to 50 degrees one morning! These fish want some chilly water so when the sun comes out they get fired up. Sometimes when that water temperature is too warm they can fall off in deep water to cool down- we Read More