Fishing Season

The Everglades and Ten-Thousand Islands area is a year-round fishery for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and many other species. Here is a seasonal breakdown of when and what you can expect to target during specific months. I personally live on the water sun up to sun down so with a quick phone conversation I can tell you what’s happening on the water daily!

Spring ( March-June)

Tarpon are everywhere and that’s my main target in the Glades those months. They are laid up early in the season and migration on the outside later in the spring. Snook are making their east to west migration and ready to rock, rather it be sight-casting laid up on the banks or roaming the big edges and bars with a big top-water plug. Redfish are still great in these months on higher water on the banks.

Summer (July-Sept)

Tarpon are still all around and with the evening rains, it might be the best place in the world to hammer these giants on plugs or fly. Snook are furious this time of year and blowing up bait on the outside and just inside on the banks. Redfish begin to school up and can be doubled up on regularly.

Fall (Oct-Dec)

Red October! They’re tailing everywhere on low water and roaming the edges on higher water. Snook are beginning to make their west to east migration and are looking for monster balls of bait before winter. Large tarpon can still be great and reliable but the baby tarpon are going crazy and can be amazing on flies and twitch baits.

Winter (Dec-Feb)

Big laid up snook waaay back is the name of the game and the hunt is on. When you hook one of these giants in a shallow creek, it is indescribable. Big single redfish are tailing and what an awesome sport to be had. Baby tarpon are still good as well as the big boys coming out to play on a warm winter day.