Fly Fishing Naples 03/14/18

Everglades Fly fishing for Snook

With this cold front upon us we have switched gears to fly fishing the backcountry for snook, bass and smaller tarpon. It has been great days in the Everglades as well as ten-thousand islands with a mixed bag of fish, some Tarpon still showing or biting on the tide swing. I love this time of year when its about to be all Tarpon fishing soon enough but we can just go back to fishing the Everglades and tuck away into some brackish water creeks for all kinds of species that will willing take a fly or a twitch bait. Book your Everglades tarpon fly fishing guide in advance as this season is filling up, I still have some dates in May and June available for fishing migratory schools on the outside.  I am based out of Naples and can conveniently pick up in Everglades City, Naples or Marco Island to fish ten-thousand islands and the Everglades.

Often times during the early spring when a cold front comes large snook and smaller tarpon like these will be feeding together in the same areas which is why moving from the fly to a twitch bait is very effective as searching the brackish water at different depths and covering the water quicker. Fly fishing the Everglades is an unforgettable experience and can also provide explosive for a skilled angler. Snook like this one is why fly fishing the everglades is on any anglers bucket list!


Everglades Tarpon on twitch bait