Jack Attack 10/2/20

Jack Attack! With the calm conditions the schools of jacks and refs have been thick! It’s a special time of year in the Louisiana Marsh when the first temperature change fires these fish up and they leave the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is a special treat to watch these Jack Crevelle chase down a fly and destroy it, they are one of the most aggressive predator fish I have ever seen. Watching them in a group ride high in clear water looks like a angry mob coming down the edge- as soon as the fly hits the water you have all their attention instantly and they race to it to get it before the other fish. Anglers travel the world in search of Giant Trevally and with the right conditions we have the same fish domestically. These fish will wear anglers out to the point of exhaustion and test all tackle and equipment to the point of breaking. It is a real treat to have these fish in our presence and a great time of year to fish the ocean and the marsh in the same day. If you have any ingest in fly fishing the Louisiana Marsh drop me a line and we will get after them!
Have fun