Julia’s Giant! 02/20/22

As we were poling down a flat in search of Julias first big Louisina redfish I knew she was a good angler that was going to get one if the opportunity presented itself. We missed a couple before due to bad situations or just not seeing them in time. We had landed a couple big black drum and her husband Mario had landed one bull already I really wanted Julia a giant Cajun monster. I had just got into this pond that I had seen them in the days prior and we spooked a couple mediums with a fly that was too close to them. There he was a giant floater at 3:00 and was glowing and I knew she would see him after I pointed him out. I called him out and she saw him immediately and made a cast just a bit too far but the fish had sank out of sight when the fly landed only to come in visibility again when it was chasing the fly- it was over the fish absolutely came out of its skin to eat the fly. The fish ran across the pond into the backing and landed it just estimated to be around 30lb’s!! A true giant for Julia first fish and helped me remember what a special place this is to guide. Many congratulations we’re passed around and it was truly a lifetime fish on a fly… simply amazing that this happens here day after day…mind blowing.Get in the books for this place next season they are going quick. If you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide hit me up or Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I have some buddies that have openings. Have fun!