June Fishing 06/2/20

Tarpon fishing has been on fire in the Everglades- all the mid sized fish you could dream about. Many people are hoping back on the fly fishing guide train and getting on the water. With everything opening all at once it looks the the keys are going to be a bit of a zoo on the water in June so have decided to take the opportunity to have the Everglades to ourselves this season! So much fun eating them swim in the tannic water- I don’t get to be here much in May/June so it is a real treat to have lots of good numbers of 40-60lbers everywhere you look. They are some of the most aggressive fish in my opinion eating a fly or a twitch bait when it hits the water. That size tarpon sure does fly too, they get some air compared to the giants. Snook fishing is off the charts too, we lost the largest Everglades snook I have ever seen at the boat last week on a twitch bait deep in the back country. If you are looking for a Everglades Fly fishing guide or Naples Fly fishing guide hive me a call. I have some great June availability for fishing the Everglades.