Louisiana 11/14/23

What a place! This fishery continues to amaze my clients and myself! We had some overcast tuff sight fishing conditions last week but found some crawling and tailing fish- and big ones too! I sure do love the days they are everywhere and we loose count but I sure do remember the days that we grind out 2 or 3 trophy fish. Fishing in tuff conditions and getting it done makes you really realize these are trophy fish and deserve all the hype they get right now on social media. I sure do miss the big trees of the Everglades when the wind is blowing but would hate to miss a day down here in the land of the giants. I am already filling up for next season here so let me know if you would like to see this world class fishery in action! I have guide buddies with availability if you are looking for Naples fly fishing guide or a
Everglades fly fishing guide let me know and I can make an introduction!
Have fun out there- I know we were last trip!