Louisiana Fall and Winter 11/8/20

The time is now! The water temperatures are getting lower and so is the water levels. The much awaited time for the big reds to get up shallow is here and I’m glad I am too. We make a lot of sacrifices as guides to stay in front of these fish and it’s great when it comes together. We are seeing big redfish up shallow railing and crawling on the banks. These fish can be targeted on fly or plug gear from now until the end of March, watching these fish up shallow is worth everything we go through to get our clients in front of them. Hiring a Louisiana fly fishing guide this time of year is a tuff thing as we book up well in advance but due to the pandemic I ha e some openings in January and February. Please reach out to me if you are looking for a New Orleans fly fishing guide and will get you down for some dates or find you someone that will. I am always taking advance reservations for 2021 fall and winter season here in the Marsh. It is truly a destination fishery and worth the trip as everyone should see these fish in this special place sometime. I like clients to book 4 days in case of weather and can put together two boat trips if needed. If you want to see a 30lb fish eat a fly 10 feet off the bow in gun clear water you need to put some time in Louisiana. I am offering $100 off your first trip with me to show you this dynamic fishery.
Have fun!