Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide 09/21/20

A quick little video while we thankfully dodged Sally the storm. Our area was spared thankfully with the storm fading east and hitting the panhandle unfortunately. The only good news coming out of that is the water temperature! The water will drop for the first time this season and we will have a great kick off to our fall season with some fired up fish!
I have a few dates left in October but mostly booked November 15-19 is open and will be great fishing. I’m pleasantly surprised when some of my tarpon anglers do not come up to the marsh and finally do to see these fish in full effect- they always come back! This marsh is not to be missed by any veteran or novice anglers, I want to share it with everyone when it is still in its prime. I have Nov,Dec and Jan dates still available along with starting to book my tarpon season. Let me know if you ever have any interest in a Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide and I will get you on some fish!
Have fun.