Louisiana High Floaters 11/30/23

Louisiana time to shine is those cold call days- it has been some classic Louisiana fishing the past week with negative tides, cold water and high sun. This is the situations we are come here for – cold water gets these fish fired up and lots of times floating high to get some of that warmer water temperature on the surface. My like early season tarpon fishing these fish do the best with calm , warmer days. Otherwise we deal with the fronts big or small and that’s just part of the marsh – I like guys booking 3 or 4 days here if possible. We get a couple (hopefully all) good days but if not we can break out some spin gear and get it done in a variety of weather situations. I am almost Full for next season already. I am full in the Everglades this year but let me know if you are looking for an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide or a Naples fly fishing guide and I can set you up. Have fun out there!