Louisiana Jan 01/4/22

Has been up and down weather but good January and some colder water temperature are here to stay! The number of fish in here is staggering and Dave came in last week plug fishing for these giants and had a ball. I plug fish Florida some days and does not hold a candle to these aggressive eats here in the bayou. I always thought more great bass anglers should give this place a try as it is bass fishing on steroids! The amount of water you can cover with plug fishing has such an advantage over us having to sight fish them everyday. These fish are so Keyed into noise they hear big rattles and pops and come running- with no refusals you can get away with some pretty cool plugs. With sight fishing them I believe it is more effective to fly fish them as placement is everything it can be a pin pointed cast with the fly. On days with heavy winds or cloud coverage I lean towards the plug as it is so versatile in every condition. I am booked for the rest of the season here but am taking bookings for next season as it is filling up. I have some buddies with openings in the Everglades so if you are looking for a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide let me know and I can hook you up or a Naples fly fishing guide!Have fun out there