Louisiana Marsh 07/28/20

Summertime is the marsh is an amazing place to be- nobody around but lots of bait, giants jacks, and schools of redfish. If you are looking for a Louisiana Redfish fly fishing guide now! This next week with continue to be unbelievable fishing on the barrier islands. With the winds calming and the rains cooling down the water temps last week this bait will be balled up and the Big Jack Crevelle and Redfish schools will be on them! The good kind of “Redtide” is about to go down. Check this out for targeting Redfish in the marsh https://www.louisianaguideservices.com/target-species/ It explains how Redfish act differently from the Redfish in the Marsh. I like to come up here earlier in the season before lots of Louisiana Redfish fly fishing guides come up from Florida waters.

Check out my YouTube channel for some explosive Redfish action- along with some great Tarpon videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClxHV70TY0arQdEyXwpgSTw?view_as=subscriber