Louisiana openings 05/4/21

The Tarpon are swimming!!! I have been getting bookings for the Marsh season next fall and wanted to open it up to all clients as it is booking up. It is still 4 months out but wanted everyone to have a chance at openings that I have spoken to. I am available daily after 5 pm to chat about the marsh program if you would like. I see so many people wait until the last minute and never get to reserve a spot. I will shoot out a booked full or remaining openings after tarpon season.

I am booking slots between September 2021 through January 31st, 2022. I tell all my anglers this spot is not to be missed and it’s one of my favorite places to guide and fish personally, due to the probability of landing fish of a lifetime with consistency. I hope any clients that have fished with me here in the past can again hop on some of these prime dates as they are filling up. I am in Louisiana that window of time specifically to capture the best opportunity to get my clients in front of the giants. 
September- 22-30
October  1-5, 28-30
November- 1-2,22-24,26-30
December- 9-13,18-22,27-31
Janurary- 13-22, 26-31