Lower Keys 04/25/22

It’s great to be back in the clean water with a good push of fish daily. I am seeing the start of an impressive season here in the lower keys and the tarpon migration. These fish have swam thousands of miles for their annual spawn. I have being seeing over 1,000 fish a day with multiple shots and hookups. There are keyed in on shrimp and baitfish patterns. It is a true National Geographic site to see when they swim down the Oceanside. Herds of over 100 fish together in crystal clear water. I spend most of my mornings chasing smaller tarpon, bonefish and the occasional permit like the giant pictured here! The backcountry of the lower keys is expansive and tons of fun with endless juvenile tarpon cursing the flats. Before the tide gets right I love fishing back there for the little guys and trying to get my slam before the light gets right. I have a couple days at the end of June still available and taking bookings for next season here already. So jump on the tarpon train and let me know! I have buddies guiding the Everglades throughout the summer so if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide or a Everglades fly fishing guide- let me know and I can hook you up!Have fun