March Madness 04/2/21

March has been just that madness- some serious highs and lows. Bad for March good for April and May! The fishing has been unbelievable when the weather cooperates and multiple fish hooked and landed daily.
The good news is we have not had that big push of fish yet just large groups setting together and some singles laid up inside. I have some high hopes for April-June as it has been a late start and they should pour in after the early April cold front. These fish have been hooked rolling, laid up and swimming over the white sand. We have been making some long runs in the early morning and fishing these rollers in some calm morning conditions. As my last clients said what a magnetic fish rolling in the sunrise! I love how docile these fish are rolling and gulping air in the early morning sunrise and when hooked oh my gosh this is explosive that’s the real juice!
If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide please get ahold of me as early as possible as I book up months in advance for the Everglades Tarpon season as well as my Louisiana redfish season is filling up quickly (sept-Jan) I love to take new anglers out to these areas and just hope if you are looking at planning a trip that you reach out ASAP. If you are looking for a Everglades Fly Fishing guide give me a call and if I am not available I have some great guide buddies with openings.
Have Fun!