Marsh Magic 02/11/22

Magical days in the marsh. I have been having some great weather the past couple weeks and so blessed to have great anglers on the bow. I would not want to be any place else in the world on days like these- these fish come out hungry when they have had cold or foul weather they do not eat as much. Once they have had some good weather they float high in the water column and it’s game one! We had to be back at noon yesterday and caught over 15 fish by noon with two doubles and doubles sight fishing no less! We had a lot of fish making big wakes cruising the flats looking for food it was simply amazing. I had a group of new clients that were great anglers and my boat caught over 60 fish in 3 and half days. That’s something truly amazing when it comes to sight fishing on the flats with a fly, I can’t think of anywhere else on the planet that you can do that with consistency targeting 20lb plus fish on a daily basis- especially in the middle of the winter! And in the United States- crazy. If you are looking to get to Louisina next season please try and make plans early as this is a hot fishery that books quickly. If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide let me know or a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I can hook you up with a buddy!
Thanks and have fun.