Marsh Magic 12/14/20

Louisiana fly fishing has been insane. One of the best seasons I have ever seen! More doubles than ever and super clean low water. I think this early season warm water temperatures had the fish staged up but not fully in the marsh. The day after that temperature dropped it was game on and has been ever since. We are catching multiple bulls over 30lbs and lots of giant black drum on fly and plugs. These fish can be found floating in gin clear water in one to two feet of water. Fish are in pairs and small schools and aggressively eat anything thrown in front of them. We saw so many together coming down a shoreline that we were sure it was dolphins, nope school of bull redfish hammering crabs and shrimp down the shoreline. December and January will both fish good when the sun is out and you can expect multiple shots at trophy fish in 2 feet of water- and these fish eat without hesitation. I have 2 December dates and a few January dates still available and I am taking bookings for 2021 Sept-Jan. Sometimes I am amazed that I fish many more clients in FL if they have never experienced this special marsh I always try to urge them to see it- it should be on every anglers bucket list. Sight casting to these fish is the most productive thing g I have ever done in fish. Last week we landed over 10 bulls on fly, that’s over 250lbs of fish! I hope to see you in the marsh. Give me a shout if you are looking for a Louisiana fly fishing guide!