Naples fishing guide 03/13/20

With big fish on the horizon it’s a great time of year to chase those tarpon dreams. I was lucky enough to get to fish with Jim and Denny of Pennsylvania yesterday- great guys and outdoorsman. These guys were serious bass fisherman and it showed- they did not let up on letting the plugs fly for a minute keeping that plug rolling in the water led to some great hookups and insane aerial displays from the mighty tarpon! These guys hooked some decent numbers of fish when the water temperatures rose up mid day. It was Denny’s first time booking a tarpon and from what I could see from a guy that has done a ton of fishing in a lot of areas he was shocked to see the size of this fish and what the fish did after he was hooked. I always go through everything on the ride out but sometimes you just have to see for yourself, there is a lot that happens after the bite and a lot can and did go wrong once hooked you can only hold on to survive these beautifully brutal jumps which sometimes end the battle but if you are lucky enough to survive that miracle minute then the real fight begins and you have a good chance of landing that fish. It’s cool to see people with their first tarpon on the line- such a special fish that deserves all the crazy things we all do to get in front of them on a daily basis. If you are looking to hunt some giant fish and looking for a Naples fishing guide give me a call!