Naples fly fishing guide 12/5/20

The Louisiana marsh has been showing up in full swing and the fishing is amazing. Naples fly fishing guide season is a busy one and we are thankful our clients are supporting us through these tuff times. The first real cold front came through and water levels and temperatures have dropped out and our here to stay! We are finding the giant bulls and drum crawling, tailing and floating on the lower tides and laid up in the deeper water when the sun is out. These fish will smash a well presented fly of lure. Top water plug fishing is as good as it gets with these giants being able to sight casting them in gin clear water. Some days in Fl we are searching for a 20 inch plus fish and are pumped when it finally comes together, I have to take a step back when we land these giants and so grateful to be able to guide in such a unique place like this. To be able to land one of these trophy fish on a fly is unbelievable but a lot of days it happens one after another and after years I’m still amazed and in awe of this fishery. If you are looking for a Everglades fly fishing guide I have some good late December and early Januarary dates still available that will fish great. Bring your fly gear or your spin gear it’s all a fun time here when these giants are around. I also have a lot of rebooking for 2021- 2022 here next season so I am taking any early bookings I can do. I look forward to a couple epic months of fishing here in the marsh!
Have fun.