Naples Fly Fishing 02/27/22

Tarpon season is upon us! While I stretch out every last day in Louisina I sure will miss having this place all to myself-It’s like Disneyland for fisherman! I am excited to see my first tarpon of the season- tarpon are the fish that changed my life a lifetime ago- the tarpon will be forever king of the fly- it’s the best fish that swims period. I was forever a tarpon junkie after I figure that out. While these fish swim in some beautiful places they can swim in some pressures fisheries but that is the trade off. Tarpon are so cool I don’t believe you could ever have them to yourself it just wouldn’t be fair lol. While these redfish turn me inside out and having clients catch giant fish on a daily basis sure does keep my Calendar booked there is just not anything like seeing herds of giant tarpon swimming down the ocean and willing to eat a tiny fly. This is the stuff we call National Geographic- seeing this is enough for me honestly, watching thousands of greenbacks swim over gin clear on white sand is so personal. I will be fishing the Everglades for a couple months and then it’s off to the keys where I will fish the majority of my tarpon season in Big Pine keys area. Thai place is special for the migration but also for the juvi tarpon population. I have such great times here and I always look forward to the Keys! There is something about driving over the long bridges and gin clear water that scream tarpon fishing! I have a few dates available at the end of June but will take bookings a year in advance. I also will hook you up with some guide colleagues if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide or Everglades Fly Fishing Guide.Thanks and let me know!Have fun!!