Peacock Bass on fly 03/20/23

Had a day off today my client had something to tend to at home. I took advantage of the time to look at some new bass fishing areas. The recon was very successful and I landed around 30 peacock bass within 5 hours along with some other exotic species. I have so much fun fishing poppers and other small flies to these fish. There is not many days I have had in my fishing career catching north of 50 fish all on fly! It’s such a cool fish and so consistent, I urge all my guys to come pound some peacock bass and I always say it’s the only fish I guide that is really getting better! The warmer months are the best for the bass fishing and if it’s calm and hot I go tarpon fishing if it’s windy I like to go peacock fishing. If you would like to check it out drop me a line for next season! If you are looking for an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide or a Naples Fly Fishing Guide let me know and I can hook you up!

Thanks and Have Fun