Peacock Bass on Fly 03/25/22

Peacock season! Peacock Bass fly fishing has been a new real passion for me. I love the aggressive nature of these fish and they are so consistent with large numbers for my fly anglers. Next March/April I will be concentrating on peacock trips for my primary trips with Tarpon when the conditions line up. I think it is tuff to try to target tarpon when the conditions are not right early season. When it is calm and hot in March/April I will be chasing tarpon but when it is not we will be targeting these super cool and colorful peacock bass. There is not a lot of places in the GLOBE you can catch a peacock bass on the fly but southern Florida is one of them and why not catch a few. These fishing were introduced to S Florida in the 80’s to combat the invasive Oscar fish that flooded into the Fl canal systems from fish farms. I can’t say the peacocks are doing their job as there are tons of Oscars but there is tons of Peacocks as well. These fish can be caught in some serious numbers on the fly blind casting and sight fishing. On a good day we are hooking over 50 fish! That’s crazy for fly fishing anywhere! So if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing guide let’s go peacock bass fishing or a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I can hook you up with a guide colleague.
Have fun!