POst-Hurricane Laura 09/1/20

As many of you know the small Bayous of Dulac and Dularge were great spared by Hurricane Laura, aside from some minor flooding there was no wind damage and these natural occurrences are some of the best thing for the fishery. We were able to get back on the water in the marsh the last couple days and it was as good as ever, with the storm and heavy rains the water temperature has dropped up top 10 degrees in some areas which was much needed. We lots of cruising Bulls and upper slot Reds in brackish waters of the upper Marsh. This water stays very stable and the fish thrive up there. Pre Laura we were having multiple schools of spawing Redfish and big Jack Crevelle. We are looking forward to a solid fall and winter season on the Outpost. In the meantime with the calmer winds, longer sunlight hours and dropping water temperatures the big schools of Bull Redfish “Red-tide” the good kind will be consistent in the gulf waters along with giant Jacks. The upper marsh will consistently fish well with classic singles and doubles. If you or anyone you know can make it to Louisiana during September we have some open days for “day-trips” and can set up accommodations on land. September will be some great fishing. We look forward to showing you this special fishery and making some more Outpost memories.