Steady flow of fish 05/17/22

There has been a steady flow of fish coming down in the Keys and we have been pounding some juvis in the back on the clam days. Last week was tuff for migratory fish out front on super calm condition’s pre real worm dates as these fish had some lockjaw! They have not eaten the “real thing” yet “they ain’t nothin like the real thing baby” and the worms are hatching now! Now since they are seeing the hatch it is game on! It’s like any good bug hatch and once the see the real ones they are keyed into a well presented imitation. My clients and I are grateful we have some good weather to cast a fly in front of these magnificent numbers of migratory fish- it’s just so special. I do miss the great attitudes on those backcountry Everglades giants but I still have buddies guiding that. If you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide let me know or a Everglades fly fishing guide I can refer you to a guide and I know fishing is still good!