Summertime 08/8/23

Everglades Summertime Fly Fishing has been solid in the Everglades and Naples after the full moon last week. I have been getting out at sunrise and having dynamite tarpon fishing early morning and big snook sight casting when the sun gets high enough for sight casting. These mid size tarpon have moved into their summer/fall homes in the Everglades. If you are looking for the #1 Everglades Fly Fishing Guide give me a call to discuss some fly fishing opportunities. The tarpon that are not large enough to spawn move into the big harbors and bays in Florida. The same goes for post spawn fish- we are finding some larger schools of post spawn fish swimming south on the outside. The snook are all outside after that full moon in July. This is a great time to sight cast for snook on the gulf edges as they are all in the river mouths and passes. During the day they can be caught cruising the beaches and a good baitfish pattern will get their attention. I like to fish early in the day for the rolling tarpon and when the sun gets high enough to see into the water the snook fishing is what we turn to. Not to say early morning top water plug fishing for those giant snook is not productive it is probably the best time of year to do so if you can get yourself away from the solid morning tarpon fishing that is happening. I will be headed to Louisiana for the rest of the summer and fall fishing for the large schools of Jack Crevelle and Redfish. If you are looking for a Louisiana fly fishing trip give me a call. Have fun