TAG Louisiana 11/16/21

Marsh madness is upon us! The fish have all pushed in and it’s game time and we’re all so lucky to be in this fishery at this time. I can’t stress enough to book up early as my Calendar is filling up for next season as people get off the boat. This place is truly a destination fishery. I have just started a tagging program thru https://taglouisiana.net
TAG Louisiana where a fish is captured and tagged on my skiff with clients. We then send in our gps coordinates with fish measurements and tag number, once that fish is captured again someone will call the tag number and they will then send me a gps coordinate of new measurements and new gps location that I can then share with the clients. It is super interesting to see how far these fish have or have not traveled and to see how much they have grown. I plan to tag both schools of spawning fish above and smaller “slot” fish from the upper marsh to see when and if they go out offshore to spend. I think it makes us smarter everyday with the quarry we are chasing. I am back in Naples in March and if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing guide let me know or a Everglades fly fishing guide I can get you on the books or hook you up with one of my great guide buddies that are super professional. Have fun!