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Tarpon season

The tarpon fishing has started to heat back up with this passing cold front. What a late season cold front to wreak havoc on our early season tarpon fishing. The water temps dropped 10 degrees and the fish vanished. Luckily snook and red fishing was pretty good. There is always a give and a take Read More

Peacock Bass on fly

Had a day off today my client had something to tend to at home. I took advantage of the time to look at some new bass fishing areas. The recon was very successful and I landed around 30 peacock bass within 5 hours along with some other exotic species. I have so much fun fishing Read More

Remember the hard ones

Those one two fish days you sure do remember more than the 10-15 fish days. Granted the fish is north of 20lbs he is hard to forget! I think I get spoiled here in Cajun Country with giant fish almost every trip. Most places that would be something to talk about putting well over 100lbs Read More


The cold is finally here, it was a lte season for the cold snap, we had gotten a good one in Nov and then had a rather warm December. Nice to be warm but these giant bulls get up in some shallow water to warm up and now they are where they need to be. Read More


Fishing has started to get phenomenal here in the Louisina marsh! We have passed a couple smaller cold fronts and has dropped the water temps along with the water levels and the bigger fish have started to swim shallow! I am not in the Everglades from Oct-Jan but if you are looking for a Naples Read More

Red October

Back in action in the marshland! So happy to be back in such a special place like this. With some cold fronts on the way it is going to be game on for a great season. I still have a couple dates available in Feb and a few dates left in Big Pine Key late Read More

Late Summer

Still in some summer time weather patterns here with some afternoon rains but chasing down some schools of big Jacks/Bull Reds in Louisiana. A special time to be here when the weather is calm enough to get way in the gulf. There are still good numbers of slots way up in the marsh and some Read More

Cooler weather

I have been taking some time off the water to head north to some cooler weather! While I sure do love those hot mornings with rolling tarpon or tailing redfish it sure is nice to feel some different seasons in the upper peninsula of Michigan. With so many lakes, ponds and rivers there is boaters Read More

Cooler days ahead

The cooler days are just ahead when the bait will be plentiful and some cooler water temps will fire up some schools here in Louisina. With a couple calm days the big redfish pods will school up along with some jacks for their annual spawn in Sept/Oct. I always love seeing the chaos that insures Read More

Remaining Availability

We are starting to round off the end of my season in the Everglades With some time off then looking ahead at redfish season this fall and winter. I am booked up but have just had a cancelation in February in Louisina to chase some bull redfish Feb 6-10. If anyone can hop on these Read More