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Remaining Availability

We are starting to round off the end of my season in the Everglades With some time off then looking ahead at redfish season this fall and winter. I am booked up but have just had a cancelation in February in Louisina to chase some bull redfish Feb 6-10. If anyone can hop on these Read More


July is hot in many ways- the temps are up there but there is always a give and a take. It’s hot because it’s calm! The calm days are special ones down here in the keys- with lots of post spawn fish around the mornings have been nothing short of magical. With some big ones Read More

Steady Tarpon Fly Fishing

Tarpon tarpon tarpon! It’s been a insane couple weeks- all thanks to Mother Nature. The weather has been calmer with some great tides and the big ones are chewing along with insane smaller backcountry fish. These fish on the outside are all post spawn so willing to eat a fly that’s in front of them Read More

End of May

Weather has been steady- some windy days to be expected but for the most part we are blessed with some good weather to finish off May! We had a great worm hatch and now these fish are looking for the worm good- with multiple bites and hookups with the right presentation is so special. The Read More

Keys Disease

We have had an amazing few days with some hatches in various locations in Keys. These fish went nuts for several days and now they are keyed into the worm and looking for it as they travel into their migration. Unfortunately we are dealing with some high winds post hatch and cannot fish them effectively. Read More

Steady flow of fish

There has been a steady flow of fish coming down in the Keys and we have been pounding some juvis in the back on the clam days. Last week was tuff for migratory fish out front on super calm condition’s pre real worm dates as these fish had some lockjaw! They have not eaten the Read More

Big Pine

It’s great to be back in the clean water with a good push of fish daily. I am seeing the start of an impressive season here in the lower keys and the tarpon migration. These fish have swam thousands of miles for their annual spawn. I have being seeing over 1,000 fish a day with Read More

Everglades fly fishing guide

Those glasses out Everglades mornings are tuff to beat in the spring- even coming from a guy that is watching giant redfish come out of their skin to eat anything that moves lol. There is something about tarpon fishing- honestly I would rather fish for bull redfish all season but when you get into the Read More

Peacock Bass on Fly

Peacock season! Peacock Bass fly fishing has been a new real passion for me. I love the aggressive nature of these fish and they are so consistent with large numbers for my fly anglers. Next March/April I will be concentrating on peacock trips for my primary trips with Tarpon when the conditions line up. I Read More

Tarpon Time!

Headed back for some much needed Tarpon time! I will be back in the Everglades for a month or so guiding and then down to Big Pine Key guiding Tarpon until July. As much as I never want to leave this unpressured fishery of Louisiana I like to get back into some of that gin Read More