Redfish are bulldogs and readily eat flies, plugs and other artificial baits. They can be caught year round with August-February being the best months to target them.

One of the best sight casting adventures or sporting events alone is stalking and feeding tailing redfish. Redfish tail in low incoming waters on grass flats as they are “grubbing” for crabs, shrimp and other small baitfish. I love helping clients stalk tailing redfish on foot or poling a skiff. Redfish do not tail everywhere in Florida- only certain areas and on certain tides. I consistently stay on top of these areas and conditions to make sure we know when and where these ‘freak shows’ will take place. Sometimes there will be groups of up to 100 fish tailing at once or when the water cools they will spread out on the flats. During higher water the fish will get close to the bank which makes for incredible sight casting with high sun.

Redfish are a very honest fish, whereas if the fly is placed in front of them they will readily pounce on it and give us one of the best fights a shallow water species has to offer. I look forward to showing you a great fishery!

New Orleans fishing guide