Tarpon on the Fly 03/2/21

We are back in the thick of tarpon season- that came on fast! I am so very grateful that I get to spend my off season chasing giant redfish in the Louisiana Marsh instead of waiting on tarpon season to begin. Once the fish swim into the Everglades I would rather be no place else on the planet. I have a busy March and April but if you are looking for Naples Fly Fishing Guide I can squeeze you into some dates or find another Everglades Fly Fishing Guide that guides with me. With Covid this past tarpon season the dish got their first break of my guiding career and I am looking forward to one of the best seasons ahead of us with some happy fish. I am finding these fish rolling in bays, swimming the gulf edge and laid up in the backcountry. There is not a lot that compares to a laid up suspend tarpon that is motionless. When a fish is “sleeping” a sees a well placed fly in front of him and they slide up from behind it is usually in shallow water and all hell breaks loose! I love the Everglades on those days when they seem to be laying everywhere we look. These fish can be taken on smaller flies or plug rods as well- either weapon is a sight to see when these fish go airborne. I still have a few May and June dates available in Big Pine Key as well! Let me know if you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing guide!