Tarpon season Everglades 04/25/21

Tarpon season is in full swing and we are all grateful to be working and to be able to make a living guiding people to chase these beautiful creatures! Man there is some iOS and downs for the season with weather, water temperatures, migration pattern etc etc etc but we all would not have it any other way- when it’s on its on! If it was easy everyone would do it is a phase I hear spoken a lot amongst anglers and that sure is true whatever is good does not come easy and whatever is easy is not that good. I am finishing up my last week in the Everglades and migrating myself to Big Pine Key.
While I’ll miss these fish that kill anything they see I am looking forward to fishing some swimmers in clean water! If you are still looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide I can hook you up with any of my guide buddies. I love it around here in May/June when they swim but I have a hard time walking away from the worm!! I have 4 days left at the end of June in the Keys if you are looking for some clean water action! I also have the first week available in July before I leave for the mountains that I will be guiding the Everglades for some mid sized tarpon and giant snook! I look forward to fishing with anyone of you and love sharing this sport with others.
Have Fun!