Tarpon Time! 03/12/22

Headed back for some much needed Tarpon time! I will be back in the Everglades for a month or so guiding and then down to Big Pine Key guiding Tarpon until July. As much as I never want to leave this unpressured fishery of Louisiana I like to get back into some of that gin clear water with Sandy bottom- such a beautiful thing. Tarpon have always held the top spot for anglers fly fishing the saltwater. There is no bigger fish that eats tiny flies on a consistent basis than the Tarpon and no better place to target them than the migration in the Florida Keys. Like many of us guides these fish started my guiding career and most of us changed our life’s to chase these beautiful fish. It’s always exciting to go back to what got you into this sport and luckily for me it is the pinnacle in fly fishing. I am booked up during my time in the Everglades but do have some good late June and early July dates available in Big Pine. If you are looking for a Naples fly fishing guide or a Everglades fly fishing guide hit em up and I can link you up with one of my buddies. Have fun out there!