Wading Louisiana 02/3/24

What a day out there! We had some calm seas and clean water. With these adventurous anglers I was able to find some beach in Louisiana (which is usually all mud) we waded in the 65 degree water sight fishing black drum and redfish for hours. It was a real show these fish out on with large broken schools of drum and moving school of redfish. We put over 40 fish in our hands in a day- some nice ones and even tripled up with the guide multiple times! Without even hearing another boat letting alone seeing one you can see why these fish were aggressive to eat anything in front of them. They have never seen a fisherman let alone been caught. I only have a couple days left in 2025 if you want to see the marsh. I am full in the Everglades but if you need an Everglades Fly Fishing Guide or a Naples Fly Fishing Guide let me know and I can hook you up with a guide buddy. What a special day in the marsh.

Have fun out there!