Winter wonderland 01/12/22

Finally it’s winter! Some guides from FL don’t enjoying fishing in the cold but I sure do! The Redfish are happy now we are in winter time with water temps in the 50’s/60’s that really is what they are looking for- too warm of temperatures send them into the deep water of the bayous. When it is consistently in the 50’s the redfish are very predictable which is nice. Oddly enough they use the super shallow ponds like a alligator uses the blacktop in Florida just a little differently as they cannot live out of the water. The alligator will lay on the blacktop of course soaking up bay sun they can and burrow down in the mud when it is nasty. Unfortunately and fortunately the redfish do the same they burrow close to the mud during the nasty weather and during the night times. When the sun comes out or when the air is warmer than the water boom- they are floating as close to the surface as they can. This is of course the premier sight casting situation them laying there motionless. It’s a super amazing thing that happens here in the dead of winter which is upon us. I am fully booked for this season but am taking bookings for Louisiana next year. If you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide let me know or a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide I have some buddies with openings.Lemme know- have fun!